Amstel Hattyú Hotel és Étterem
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About Us

Dear visitor, our future guest!

You are welcome on the homepage of AMSTEL Hattyú Fogadó!

Amstel Hattyú Inn is to be found in the most beautiful part of Győr, on the bank of the river Mosoni-Duna,

only a few minutes walk far from the historic centre,  in the neighbourhood of the Spa Rábaqeulle.

The Amstel Hattyú Inn is waiting for its guests with 22 rooms of every modern comfort and climate

with  a restaurant for 130 persons /with climate/ and with a covered terrace on the bank of the Danube, also for 200-250 persons, in order to serve family- and firm programs.

In AMSTEL-HATTYÚ Inn is found everything, whit the exception of one thing: and that is you!

Do not hesitate, visit us, let us charm you!

Please, never forget our enthusiastic team takes no little pains over preparing nice moments

for you.

Of course, as everywhere, small mistakes may take place. Please, forgive me these. 

We promise to make it good next time!


               Our guests are welcome!

Zoltán Téringer

Master keeper of restaurant, his family and team

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Győr /Szépkártya és Erzsébet utalvány elfogadóhely
You can pay by credit card.


AMSTEL Hattyú Inn is waiting for you with 22 rooms of every modern comfort  /cimate/.

On the bank of h Mosoni-Danube you may have a rest in wonderful, calm [..]



Dear Guest!

You know the question, don’t you?
I’ll have a guest, where do I go   with him?Restaurant


Let it be a buzz, let it be unforgettable…..

Please, allow us to be part of the most beautiful day of your life!

In the AMSTEL Hattyú Inn you are[..]